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@eliakaiser If you haven’t seen “Look Mom I can fly“ the documentary about Travis Scoott. I highly recommend you go and watch it it‘s available on netflix. Especially if you are a creative like me. It got me crazy inspired. 
Results take time. Especially substainable results. It doesn’t matter in which industry you’re in. You won’t build a successful company, become a world champion, or be one of the most successful artitsts in the industry just in a few months. Big results don‘t happen in events but in processes. Even that one guy who blew up because of his first single, or that other guy who‘s company got bought for 50 Million after 2 years, most of the time it is a result of the process they went through. All your favorite anything most of it was achieved in a long hard process. Daily work and focus. If you’re unpatient like me this might be the bad news that it takes a long time to achieve great results. But the good news is, if you put in daily work, keep being focused and consistent and keep improving you will 100% get results. 
Be agressive patient. Understand that greatness takes it‘s time and most of the time it takes longer than you expect. But understand that you also should give 100% every single day. If you can mix those two extremes greatness is sooner or later going to come your way.

If you haven’t seen “Look Mom I can fly“ the documentary about Travis ...

@eliakaiser I‘m currently educating myself on energy, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction (I understand that they aren‘t the same thing). I have no doubt that Manifestation and the Law of Attraction works since I‘ve personally manifested a ton of things into my life and personally experienced the power which the right thoughts can have. However I want to understand how this law works not only on a spiritual level but also the physics behind it. It is really interesting to see that even people like Einstein have written about energy and the law of attraction in different relations. 
The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. For example, turning on a light would seem to produce energy; however, it is electrical energy that is converted. Different sources think that the mind is potential energy which is why your able to create your own reality through the right thinking. Because you transfer the energy from your mind into the reality.
Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? ✍🏽

I‘m currently educating myself on energy, Manifestation and the Law of...

@eliakaiser One of my best habits is DML. It stands for Daily Money Learning. Which means everyday I try to learn something new about money. Recently I observed something really interesting. The rich and wealthy position themself for success. But what exactly does that mean?
It pretty much means just this. They put themself into a position where the probability of getting wealthy is higher than average. I did the same and you should do the exact same! Because let‘s be honest who doesn‘t want to increase his chances of seeing success in life? 
In this Video I broke the topic further down and explain how you can do the same and increase your chances for wealth & success.

One of my best habits is DML. It stands for Daily Money Learning. Whic...

@eliakaiser In the past 6 months I‘ve been studying a lot of successful world class entrepreneurs, athletes, inventors, thought leaders and many more. One common thing pretty much all of them share is that they don‘t follow the pack. They aren‘t followers. They walk their own way even when that means to go into the opposite direction than everyone else. They do what they think is the right decision, not what their parents, teachers or friends tell them. 

That does not mean they won‘t be walking on the same road as other people, but it means they aren‘t influenced by the opinion & decisions of the masses. If the masses turn left, they might keep walking straight because it is the right decision for them and their goals. They do what others won’t do which is following their own path, rules and decisions. They have the ability to observe situations with rationality and logic and because of that they often times see opportunities where everyone else doesn‘t even look at. But they don’t only see it, they also execute on it. As a result it isn’t rare that they will find gold because they dig where no one wants to dig. 

The moral of the story is don‘t do what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it! Do what‘s right for you and your goals and vision. And have the courage to walkt that path even when nobody is walking with you. And you know what, 99% of the time you will walk alone. But if you know yourself and your potential, that path is the only way to go.

In the past 6 months I‘ve been studying a lot of successful world clas...

@eliakaiser I grew up as a light skin kid with a single mother in Switzerland. I never knew my dad and money has always been a problem. I can‘t remember ever getting new clothes as a kid. I was ashamed of my circumstances and where I came from. Until I realized it’s on of my greatest gifts. I never experienced how it feels to have much money as a kid but surely how to appreciate it’s worth. With 12 I decided that I am going to be wealthy one day. I didn‘t knew how but I knew it was my destination. With 14 I tried to teach myself how to trade stocks but failed making more than a couple hundred dollars. I tried to build a startup which miserably failed. I tried to built a social media marketing agency but failed to provide my clients great results. I failed hundreds of times trying to get into a routine and to build good habits. I was denied hundreds of times on the phone trying to sell my services. I failed dozens of times trying to sell a product online. But I knew failing is temporary, quitting is forever. I kept trying day after day to beat my inner demons, my lack of discipline and my bad habits. I kept reading and acquiring the knowledge to build my business. I knew I had to master myself before I could master anything else. 

Today I‘m 20 years old. I’m incredibly more focused, disciplined and a lot of the habits I always failed to obtain are part of my daily routine. However I’m still growing and learning. I‘m in the process of building a Ecommerce business which makes multiple 5 figures in monthly revenue. Not even close to were I want to be but on the right path. The only reason I‘m writting this is to give a transparent outlook on my current situation and to share my journey. I learned so much over the past years and I have the desire to share it with other like minded people. I’m currently working on 1. Keep stacking great habits  2. Keep growing my knowledge and mindset 3. Keep building my business and investments to create wealth in the future 4. Connect with like minded people.

Let me know about your journey. Shoot me a DM or write it into the comments. I’d love to connect with anybody coming across this page! 🌍

I grew up as a light skin kid with a single mother in Switzerland. I n...

@eliakaiser Not everyone has the same understanding as you or I do. Our beliefs and therefore our perception shapes how we view the world. It’s very easy to fall in the trap of thinking you are right and the other person is wrong. I’ve experienced that even if my facts are proven, there is always room for other opinions and different perspectives.

The older we get the harder it can be to be open minded to different subjects and opinions.This is also one of my greatest fears. To loose the ability to think outside the box because my experiences and beliefs tell me different. So I try to remind myself daily, to always keep an open mind and respect every perspective!

Not everyone has the same understanding as you or I do. Our beliefs an...

@eliakaiser Over the last 4 years I‘ve transformed from a lazy, unfocused, unhealthy, undisciplined person which isn‘t in control over their mind, life and finances to a focused, healthy, disciplined person which is in control over their mind, life and finances. I‘m not even close to where my potential can bring me but I am heading into the right direction. 

The things I‘ve learned over the past years and the things I continue to learn every single day have been so life changing to me, that I feel obligated to share it with the world, because I know it can help other people too! 

- To share my journey and show people my failures but also my sucesses so I don‘t pop up in 5 years with a nice car and big house and people have never seen my struggles.
- To share the life changing information I learn on a daily basis from books, interviews, podcast or mentors.
- To connect with conscious like minded people and to build a community where personal growth and the pursue of one‘s full potential is the number one goal. 

If you can relate to one of the reasons above and are comitted to change your life and pursue you full potential then hit that follow button and jump on the ride. If you are searching a new account to follow and waste your time while you are procastinanting on what you should be doing that isn‘t the right place for you. Come back when you are comitted.

Over the next year I will do a experiment and do all the three things listed above. If it succeeds I‘ll continue If it fails I also continue until it suceeds:) But It will be fully transparent, authentic and real and full of value. Thank you for reading and jumping on the ride. Let‘s go!

Over the last 4 years I‘ve transformed from a lazy, unfocused, unhealt...

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