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@jcofthefinest SHOCK THE WORLD! 🌎 (Monday Motivation) 📸 @jorgemunivephotography 
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Yes YOU!

If you’re living a life NOT worth mentioning, it’s time to wake up and change it!

Everything that you want and desire you can have! 
You DON’T have to settle and you ARE capable! 
Are you walking around overweight? Year after year just accepting it? Never sticking to a new diet, and always skipping the gym?

That’s bullshit. That’s not going to shock anything. 
That’s taking the easy way out and settling. And one more thing. 

So how about we change that? And how? Easy... Set a goal, and do what you say you’re going to do!

If everyone is used to you talking hot air, why do you think they tune you out when you say something? 
Talk is cheap. 
So let’s add some action to it. 
Everyday wake up and commit. 
Eat healthy. 
Go to the gym when you don’t feel like it. 
Do everything that you know is hard, and quit shortcuts. 
Be so focused and busy on YOU, that you don’t even notice any distraction around you. 
And when you do that, and that weight is gone, and you open your eyes on that big day and see the new you, you wont only shock yourself, you will shock the world!

Nothing inspires and speaks louder then a result!

So lock in today 🔒🌎 Your moment is coming!

I can feel it!💯💯💯 ❤️this up! 💬comment! 🔥🔥ready to torch that fat? DM ME “LETS GO” and let’s get you enrolled in my weight loss class!

SHOCK THE WORLD! 🌎 (Monday Motivation) 📸 @jorgemunivephotography #mod...

@jcofthefinest Today is your day! (Soul food Sunday) 
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Today is yours. 
Believe it. 
Embody it. 
Align every action with it. 
Be so certain that it’s your day that things actually start to go that way in your favor. 
When you start to notice this, you’ll start to realize the power of your thoughts. 
They are energy, attracting exactly what you’re thinking. 
And if you want any-day, not just today to be yours, why can’t it be?

Exactly. It CAN. 
So Change your mindset, and you’ll change your life. 
New week tomorrow. 
Begin it with a huge WIN. ❤️this! 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️today is your day to lose the weight. You don’t need to wait until tomorrow, start now. DM ME “ ONE SEAT” to enroll in my weight loss class!

Today is your day! (Soul food Sunday) #model #fitness #mindset #succe...

@jcofthefinest When you’re ready to stop, remember why you started (Success Saturday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 🏋🏽‍♂️ @wrightsgym 
#model #fitness #success #mindset #bethebestyou #greatness #saturday #pittsburgh 
Are you at the edge?

Had enough? Ready to quit?

Remember why you began. 
Did you start wanting to lose weight? 
Ok. Keep going and the opportunity to keep losing is alive. Body goals and all. 
Did you start looking to make more money to provide a better life for your family? Keep going, everyday is another opportunity to earn more. 
Did you start to bring more happiness and confidence to your life. Continue the pursuit and your smile will only get brighter. 
When you’re always in the pursuit, success is always around the corner. 
Just keep taking one step at a time, and stay the course. 
Trust me. 
Your goals will become REAL. 💯 ❤️this!

Are you feeling like giving up?? DM ME “ HELP QUICK” and I’ll reach out to you tonight!

When you’re ready to stop, remember why you started (Success Saturday)...

@jcofthefinest When it hurts, KEEP GOING! (Truth Talk Thursday) 
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When you’re looking to breakthrough in the gym, you can’t do “just enough.” Just enough is another word for average. 
And I know you’re NOT that. 
The secret hack?

When it hurts, keep going. 
How else will you know how far you can push yourself?

When you’re doing ab work like the video for example, 3 sets of 12 might be what’s on paper. 
But what if 12 is easy? 
That’s where most stop. 
That’s the minimum LIMIT. 
But what if you get to 12, and keep going?

What if it doesn’t start to burn until 15, and you push through 5 more and knock out 20?

Answer this too. 
Who’s going to develop more, improve more, progress more, and develop a tougher high performance mindset?

The person that does the bare minimum?

Or the person that has no limits and goes for it all?

I think you know the answer. 😉

Get to it. 👊🏽 Here’s a quick ab workout for you to do at the end of your workout. 
Hanging knee to chest. 
3 sets of 15 to the middle. 
3 sets of 15 to both sides. 
Fire up that core 🔥🔥 Tell me how it goes, and don’t forget, when you feel the burn, push through! ❤️this! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽need help with your workouts and having structure to achieve your body goals? DM ME now “PLAN IT.”

When it hurts, KEEP GOING! (Truth Talk Thursday) #model #fitness #wor...

@jcofthefinest Learn from those that are in the position that you want to be in. 📸 @bridger_rogers 🧔🏻 @bedroskeuilian 👨🏻 @realcraigballantyne (Wednesday wisdom) 
#model #fitness #onlinefitnesscoach  #weightlossupport #mindset #success #wednesday #wisdom #sandiego 
Doing it on your own?


When you do it on your own, you only know as much as you know at that time.

And if that’s not much, you can see how that would be a problem. 
So ask for help, and bring a coach or mentor into your life.

By doing so, you’re gaining access to their skills, ability, and knowledge To help you see what your not looking for. 
And number two. You’re learning from someone who has DONE IT. 
Not a broke friend giving you finance advice. 
Not an overweight friend giving you the latest weight loss tip. 
Who you take and seek council from matters.

So don’t waste your time talking to and getting bad advice. 
It will keep you stuck. 
And being stuck= inactive. 
Inactive = no progress

And is that what you want? No. 
So drop the ego, be vulnerable, and ask the person doing what you want to do, how they did it. 
Learn. Do it yourself, and help someone else do it too in return. 
Like this ❤️👈🏽 Comment too! Do you need a coach or mentor? Share it with me and let’s build together!

Weight loss class is open for enrollment. DM ME “A-PLUS” to learn how to lose the weight, and keep it off! Two slots left!

Learn from those that are in the position that you want to be in. 📸 @b...

@jcofthefinest PHYSICAL transformation starts with a MENTAL transformation. (Transformation Tuesday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 
#model #fitness #mindset #success #onlinefitnesscoach #focusonthegood #transformation #tuesday #weightloss #pittsburgh 
That’s right. 
It all starts here 👉🏽🧠 When you get your mind right, you can do anything. 
When you try to rely on your mood and motivation it doesn’t work. 
Because these things fade!

That’s why you have to re program the computer first. 
Many people(including me when I struggled) Try to go at transforming, for example, losing weight and eating healthy with the same habits. 
The same gets the same. 
That’s why you have to SHIFT, and do different! 
Change your: -habits -focus -discipline -accountability -work ethic 
And the rest will follow and allow you to take consistent action! 
So if you find yourself starting and stopping, not progressing, and being frustrated, just look at your mental approach. 
Stop. Regroup. Refocus. Re commit. 
And take one step at a time. 
You can do it. Start now. 🔥 ❤️this!

Have you experienced struggle in your transformation? 💻💻if you need help reprogramming your mental computer on weight loss, just DM ME “MOUSE” and I’ll get you applied to my weight loss class!

PHYSICAL transformation starts with a MENTAL transformation. (Transfor...

@jcofthefinest If you could see the end of this year today, would you be happy with the result? (Monday motivation)

#model #fitness #onlinefitnesscoach #fall #atthepark #hardwork #focus #monday #motivation #pittsburgh 📸 @rjkphotographs 
What’s your answer?

Before you even read another word, go and comment below YES or NO. 
Then come back up and read. 
If you’ve said NO, that probably... Doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth?

Leaves a little bit of disappointment right?

Right! So now it’s 100000% on you... TO CHANGE THAT OUTCOME. 
That’s the beauty every single day you wake up and are alive, you can change your circumstance!

First, now that you’ve pictured the end, where are you now? Take note. 
How far away are you? What do you need to do to close that gap?

Next, write out a plan. 
Detail what your goals are. How you will get there, and what you need to do. 
If you don’t know, hire a coach to connect the dots. 
Once you have the clarity, just look to take daily action. 
Improve 1% everyday. 
Over the next 85 days, you will make MASSIVE progress, and shock the he’ll out of yourself how much you can get done, once you totally focus and go all in. 
I can guarantee you that feeling you feel today, will be gone. 
And the feeling of accomplishment will be right at your fingertips to grab.  So do it. Right now. 
Obsess and you will possess. 💯

Like this ❤️ 🍔🍔If all you’re eating is fast food and garbage, there’s still time to transform your body. DM ME “FRIES” and I’ll get you enrolled in my weight loss class!!

If you could see the end of this year today, would you be happy with t...

@jcofthefinest Your new life is going to cost you your old one. (Soul food Sunday) 
#model #fitness #mindset #goals #onlinefitnesscoach #soulfood #sunday #pittsburgh 
The new life you want is possible. 
To get it however, you have to give up your old one. 
This means changes are necessary. 
If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to give up the fast food and happy hours for a while. That case of beer, trade it for a case of water. That candy bar, trade it for a protein bar. 
Same goes for if you want to get your body in shape, you can’t continue to sit on the couch and make excuses. You have to go to the gym.  Your biceps and legs aren’t going to build themselves by dialing and getting up to answer the door to get take out. It will require a squat, some curls and cardio. 
But when you go to give it up, it will be hard. 
You’ll want to revert back and do what’s easy, and give up on your goals. 
Don’t. Do what’s hard and the new you will start to take Shape 
Everyday of action will build your dream piece by piece until your old life is a memory, and your new life is your present. 
Take the step and go for it this week. 
Your time is right now! 🚀🚀🚀 ❤️like this! 👍🏽👍🏽ready to give up the old you for the new? Simply DM ME “IM READY” and let’s get you enrolled in the next weight loss class! Limited availability!

Your new life is going to cost you your old one. (Soul food Sunday) #...

@jcofthefinest Be the NEXT SUCCESS story! (Success Saturday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 🖌 @iam_julianpurifoy 
#model #fitness #workout #weightloss #transform #success #saturday #pittsburgh 
Taking TWO new clients! 🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️ When you close your eyes and think of where you want your body and health to be, what do you see?

I can bet it’s the best version of yourself. 
Now, open your eyes. Do you see that version of you?

Ok. Now don’t get discouraged. 
What you do at THIS moment will determine how quickly you become this person. 
And the one thing to NOT do is nothing, or do it alone. 
The only thing to do is to apply to join my program and TAKE THE ACTION. 
Just like you, many people have been in the same spot, myself included. 
The only way we got off the spot, was finding a coach, establishing a foundation of healthy eating, and exercise, and ultimately achieving our goals of weight loss or weight gain. 
So make the decision today to let go of your problems, and grab your solution. 
To move forward and away from where you are, and arrive where you want to be. 
No matter what, time always Moves. 
So you might as well move with it, and close the year Out healthier than you started, sharper mentally, and looking exactly like you envisioned when you closed your eyes. 
Simply send me a DM, or click the link in my bio to apply to join my Weight Loss Class. 
I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams. 
You CAN do it. Your time is NOW! ❤️this!

If you’ve been a client of mine, share your transformation story below!

If you’re thinking of becoming one, let me know in the comments by showing love to others!

Be the NEXT SUCCESS story! (Success Saturday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 🖌 @iam...

@jcofthefinest What are you going through? (Truth talk Thursday) 
Let’s get right to it. 
What is painful in your life right now?

Are you overweight?
Are you out of shape?
Are you broke?
Are you in a job you hate?

Guess what? 
That’s what you’re tolerating!

Until you change that, you’ll be getting more of the same!

Wake up! You have to change, and then your pain will change. 
When your pain Changes, you change what you tolerate! 
And how do you do that?!? GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

Remaining in your comfort zone will keep your pain present. That’s why wherever you go, it goes. 
And you tolerate it, and let it attach to you like a ball and chain. 
So cut the chains!✂️ Put the pressure on yourself. 
Set goals WITH deadlines. 
Unsure? Hire a coach! 
Start becoming accountable. 
Go to the gym and change your body. 
Get in the kitchen and cook healthy. 
Ask your boss what to do to earn more. 
Start a business and set your own price. 
Start doing what makes you scared. 
The list can go on. 
But the pain CAN stop!

All you have to do is say enough is enough and take action everyday to change your situation!

When you lock in, YOU WILL DO IT! ❤️this, share it and TAG me!

Are you in pain? Tolerating what you don’t like? Tell me in the comments! 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏼‍♀️DM ME to join my weight loss program. Time to stop tolerating what you don’t have to! 🎟

What are you going through? (Truth talk Thursday) Let’s get right to ...

@jcofthefinest SUCCESS always depends on the second letter - U (Wednesday Wisdom) 📸 @ericmullphoto 
#model #fitness #mindset #workethic #focus #success #bethebestyou #wisdom #wednesday #cleveland

Ain’t that the truth?

The answer is yes just to clarify. 📑

You’re responsible for your success. 
No one else. 
And trust me, EVERYONE wants to be successful, but not everyone is. 
Why is that? One reason. 
There’s a huge difference between being interested and committed. 
One will start and stop when they don’t feel like it. When motivation runs out. 
One will be non negotiable and no matter how they feel they keep going. 
One will be inconsistent, basing their action on their mood. 
One is consistent, day in and day out. 
And a big one. 
There’s nothing wrong with having faith. You should. 
But it’s always faith PLUS the hard work!! You can’t just want or ask for success and wait for it to arrive. 
It will never come. 
You can’t reap the harvest  without planting the seeds and doing the work. 
It always comes down to that. 
If you’re willing to do it, success will be willing to show up. 
But you have. To. Do. The. Work. 
Are you willing to do it?

Tell me in the comments! ❤️this! 🚀🚀Having weight loss trouble? Which example above is you? If you’re the first example, DM ME “ITS ME” and I’ll get you applied to my program, and we’ll start right away on the new you!

SUCCESS always depends on the second letter - U (Wednesday Wisdom) 📸 @...

@jcofthefinest Unsure vs CONFIDENT (Transformation Tuesday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 
#model #fitness #workout #healthgoals #confidence #success #weightlosssolution #tuesday #pittsburgh

How do you go from one to the other? 
That’s the million dollar Question right?? It’s quite simple. ACTION. 
There is no other way to do it! You can’t buy confidence on eBay or amazon!

It must be developed. And that takes action and growth. 
Just look at the left pic. Totally unsure. 40 lbs over weight. Action taking on BS. Out of shape physically and mentally. 
So how did the change happen? 
One decision. Enough was enough.

Hired a coach. @robreedfitness 
Got the proper planning. Structure. Foundation. Which lead to CLARITY. 
All of that lead to action after action, and a transformation happened. 
After ALL OF THAT, the confidence came. 
And then the give back helping others realize their dream of losing weight, becoming their healthiest, and oozing with confidence came alive! 
Just like that you can do it too. 
Just decide and go. 
The confidence you want is on the other side of the work that you’ve yet to put in. 
The uncertainty will fade. Trust me. 
So strap up your tool belt, clock in, and don’t clock out until you’ve built your goal! 👨🏽‍🚒🔨 Like this ❤️ Swipe and check out some testimonials of clients just like YOU, who chose to become confident and create their success!👉🏽📝 📰📰ready to become confident and lose that weight? DM ME
“READY” and let’s do it together! Only 2 slots left in the program!

Unsure vs CONFIDENT (Transformation Tuesday) 📸 @rjkphotographs #model...

@jcofthefinest Stop saying you’re going to do it and just DO IT. 🗣💯 (Monday motivation) 📸 @rjkphotographs 
#model #fitness #success #mindset #onlinefitnesscoach #takeaction #getresults #monday #motivation #pittsburgh 
Today is the day!! 🗓

What do you want out of your life?? What are your goals?? YOU have talked enough talk. 
Ready for some truth?? Good. 
You’re NOT where you want to be, because you haven’t done anything!

How do you expect to lose weight when you break diet ALL THE TIME?

How do you expect to get in shape when you keep skipping the gym?

How do you expect to have more money, if you’re not putting in more hustle, more OT, and less spending?

How?how? How?! It’s impossible until you start DOING. 
Don’t talk about weight loss, go lose the weight. 
Don’t talk about being broke, go get rich!

All of this is within your control!

Always remember, no one likes a complainer, a shit talker, or cares about your sob story! 
They are too 
worried about improving THEIR lives, so it’s time you focus on YOURS!

If this post hurts or stings, GREAT! 
It’s meant to, and yes it applies to you!

Use this as your wake up call to get after it, and change your ways!

Everything you want is on the other side of this decision- MAKE IT!💯 ❤️this? Are you a talker? Or DOer? 💪🏽💪🏽no fluff today - you want to lose weight? Better diet? DM ME “NOW JC” and I’ll get you applied to the program and we’ll get you right!

Stop saying you’re going to do it and just DO IT. 🗣💯 (Monday motivatio...

@jcofthefinest Your health is your wealth ❤️💰 (Soulfood Sunday) 
#model #fitness #healthiswealth #mindset #success #soulfood #sunday #pittsburgh

Heard this before? 
Sounds funny right?

Let me let you in on a secret... IT’S TRUE. 
So many times we place our health on the back burner. 
We have deadlines at work, projects to launch, just life in general. 
You might think you’re indestructible, but eventually it will catch up to you. 
Let’s just say you make a ton of money, and gain 30 lbs doing so. You keep it up and 30 turns to 50. Now you end up in the hospital with clogged arteries and a mild heart attack. 
All that money you made? Going to hospital bills and RX’s. 
Does that sound like what you want? 
So take care of your health! We only get ONE go around. 
Eat healthy. Exercise. Drink water. Prioritize sleep. 
When you’re at your best, you’re able to give your best. 
If you need to work late and you’re healthy, no problem. 
But think about if you have to work late, and you’re only 40% healthy? Not going to work, you will tire out, and your performance will suffer. 
So be mindful today. 
The most successful individuals all have some sort of exercise and healthy food routine as they understand the connection of mind, body, spirit, and wallet. 
And if you don’t yet, it’s never too late to start!

Make today the day you commit to changing your current you, for the better you. 
If you need help doing so, please dm me “BETTER ME,” and we’ll talk today about getting you into the program, and changing your life! ❤️this and let me know if you agree!

Your health is your wealth ❤️💰 (Soulfood Sunday) #model #fitness #hea...

@jcofthefinest TOUCH THE DREAM 👋🏽 (Success Saturday) 
Credit @edmylett 
#model #fitness #mindset #onlinefitnesscoach #dreambig #successsaturday #miami 
When you have goals and dreams, thinking it in your mind is one thing. 
Visualizing it, taking action on it.. But touching it? That’s the secret. 
What does that even mean? 
I’ll tell you. 👇🏽 When you’re manifesting your dream  in your life, physically touching it makes it that much more real. 
It brings it to life. 
If there’s that certain car you want, go to the dealer, test drive it. Feel the leather seats, the engine, the way it rides. Take it in. 
Go to the rich neighborhood and take a tour of the houses. Touch the walls, see the design, the pool, the texture of the countertop. Every detail. 
Even save your money to take that vacation to the best hotel and resort. Eat the best food, have the butler, walk on the white sand and swim in the sparkling water. 
When you touch it, you feel it. The dream feels more real, more close to you. 
You become more familiar with how it feels to have it, and it motivates you more. 
So everyday when you work towards it, you can draw on that memory, and your brain knows its actually happened, and it becomes attainable. 
With persistent and consistent effort, touching the dream, will turn into living the dream. 
And what’s stopping you?

So go and start creating it. ❤️this up! Are you touching your dream? 💪🏽💪🏽if you can’t see your weight loss dream, walk with me and I’ll show you how to touch the dream and make it real. Dm me “TOUCH”
Right now after reading this if interested! 🏎this was my first time to Miami. I spent my last of my money to go, shoot with @marvinbienaime_ see south beach, rent my dream car, and absorb the environment and every detail. I’ll never forget that day as it laid the foundation for what was to come. That the lifestyle I wanted to live was possible, I just had to do whatever it took to make it real. Never ever quit on your dreams. Pursue them passionately. 💯

TOUCH THE DREAM 👋🏽 (Success Saturday) Credit @edmylett #model #fitne...

@jcofthefinest What are you looking at? (Truth talk Thursday) 
What are you looking at right now?

Your phone. This post. This caption. 
All things you wanted. 
And nothing that you didn’t want. 
Apply this same logic to your life. 
When you want something, focus ONLY on that one one thing. 
Do NOT focus on what you don’t want, because when you do, that’s what you’ll get. 
Always be self aware. 
If you want to lose weight, don’t focus on how much weight you’re gaining, what could go wrong, or how you’ll mess up on diet. Because guess what?

All the things I just mentioned will happen, and the one thing that won’t, is the weight loss. 
So make the shift. 
Feed your focus, and starve your distractions. 
Focus on your diet. Meal Prepping. Exercising. Drinking your water. Getting your sleep. Commitments, and not excuses. 
And I can bet, this time around you WILL get your weight loss goal. 

Because you fed your focus, and only looked at what you WANTED! ❤️ like this, and tell me what you’re focused on! 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️If you’re having trouble staying focused on the weight loss result you want, DM ME “EYES” and we’ll work together to regain your focus! 20-20 vision on the way!💪🏽🔥

What are you looking at? (Truth talk Thursday) What are you looking a...

@jcofthefinest The scariest moment is always right before you start. 📸 @marvinbienaime_ (Wednesday Wisdom)

#model #fitness #workout #success #mindset #breakthrough #trustyourself #havenofear #wednesday #wisdom #miami 
Think about that moment when you were a child. 
You had a bike with training wheels and all you wanted to do was ride. 
And when the day came that the training wheels were removed, you were everything but excited.

You were terrified....why?

Doubt. Fear. Uncertainty. 
What if you got hurt?
What if you weren’t ready?
Maybe you shouldn’t ride?

But despite all that, you did it. 
You rode on two wheels. No help. And just like that the fear was gone. 
So why as we get older and we KNOW we have to do that ONE thing, but we freeze up?

Think back to that day you rode the bike. Apply that action. 
As you outgrow certain stages of life, you’re ready for more. 
Growth can be painful, and fearful. 
And it will feel that way until you take action and figure it out. 
The longer you wait, the more doubt that fills your mind. And that’s poison. 
So fill your mind with positivity, optimism. 
Focus on what you want. 
You’re ready. 
Whatever it is your fearful of, cast your doubt to the side, and get on that hypothetical bike and ride. 
Your destination awaits you. 🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♀️ ❤️ like this. TAG a friend! 🚴🏽‍♂️if you’re scared on the weight loss bike ride, and just can’t get it right, let’s ride together. DM ME “BIKE” and let’s talk, and pedal to success!

The scariest moment is always right before you start. 📸 @marvinbienaim...

@jcofthefinest I’ve got a confession...(READ⬇️) (Transformation Tuesday) 📸 @rjkphotographs 
#model #fitness #workout #gymmotivation #mindset #successandfailure #transformationtuesday #pittsburgh 
I fail all the time. 💯

Yes, all the time. 
I have failed more times than I have succeeded. 
But guess what?? That’s the secret. 🔑

To actually fail at something, that means you actually have to be doing something. Action is involved. 
I spent way too many years not doing anything just... -thinking -wondering
And as a result of doing nothing, I got nothing!

So if you’re here, that’s ok. Today is the day you learn how to transform. 
Here’s your to do list. 
Go out and DO. 
I don’t care what you do today. Just take imperfect action. 
By doing, one of two things will happen. 
It works or it doesn’t. 
But by FAILING, you’ll learn why, and how to SUCCEED!

So look forward to failing! 
It’s the key that’s going to unlock your door to opportunity! ❤️this!

Comment what you’ll be doing, DO IT, and DM ME the results! (The people that do this ⬆️will get better. The people that don’t will stay the same. You choose!) ✅✅ I want you to transform. You want to transform. So let’s work together and get it done. DM ME “LETS BEGIN” and we’ll get you started in the program!

I’ve got a confession...(READ⬇️) (Transformation Tuesday) 📸 @rjkphotog...

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