@movieworld79._ Instagram Photo - This is the first film directed by Alex Perry that I've ever seen and as such I didn't know exactly what to expect from the director. Color me surprised when his film
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  • This is the first film directed by Alex Perry that I've ever seen and as such I didn't know exactly what to expect from the director. Color me surprised when his film "Her Smell" not only wound up being not just one of the most memorable films I've seen all year, but one that spits in the face of all those crappy musical biopics people always tend to favor over realistic ones. - - What stuck out to me almost immediately about Perry's film was how "ugly" it was. That may sound like a negative term, but in the case of "Her Smell" it couldn't be further from the truth. Revolving around a struggling rock band leader as she struggles to keep her band afloat all while battling with the consequences of drugs, Perry takes an unrelenting approach to his tale, eschewing any sense of eventual fantasy in favor of a movie that both realistically captures the deterioration of such a mindset as well as the crippling effects it has on everyone around them. The result is a terribly demeaning and mean-spirited film as we follow Becky's quest to spit on everyone around her. Yet, Perry also hints at the character underneath enough to add sympathy to the character. It's very solidly paced, and thanks to his direction, always something new to soak in. - - It should go without saying but "Her Smell" simply wouldn't be the same without Elizabeth Moss at the core of it all. Her performance as the loud, and demeaning Becky Something is certainly something to behold, and she sells both her detoritation as she does her eventual redemption. The supporting cast are also solid as well, mostly serving to add some much need emotion and sympathy as we see how one person's life can affect everyone else around her, physically and mentally. How Perry accompanies her downfall with some sweeping camerawork that perfectly captures the confines of the setting works well as well. In this, Perry presents his characters as fleshed out archetypes. - - Given that it's based on a musical figure, it features a few musical numbers inspired by the genre. Tolerance will vary, but there are at least two songs I guarantee hit with the right amount of pathos and emotion in the film. The editing is very smooth and c

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    alculated to put you in the mindset of it's characters, and as mentioned before, the camerawork certainly helps to accentuate this. Through it all, "Her Smell" continues a welcome trend of strong musicals that focus moreso on who the actual character is, instead of lampooning that characters' legacy for the sake of nostalgic value. - - It's a very ugly, ugly film, but that's just the world we live in. No one cares about the victim. We only care about what they can offer us despite whatever they go through. When will we learn that these people, these celebrities, are people to? - - What are your thoughts on "Her Smell"? Did you enjoy it or not? Sound off below! - - #hersmell #drama #elizabethmoss #filmmaking #movie #cinematography #film

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    I am happy to hear it is really good. Very excited to watch this one

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    Man havenÔÇÖt even heard of this one, but love me some moss

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    Heard very mixed reviews, but this review gives me hope, i'll probably watch it as soon as i can. Ps: I love Elizabeth Moss

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    One of the underrated films of 2018! I really liked it, great review ­čĺ×

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